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Top Tips For Choosing Children’s Clothes Suitable For Winter

As autumn progresses, the days get shorter, the nights get longer and the weather gets more bitter, and as a result, it is time to start putting away the light summer clothes and get out thicker, warmer handmade girls dresses and tights. Besides making sure your little ones stay healthy and avoid the shivers, winter clothing needs to be more robust, hard-wearing, thicker, and ideally be paired with accessories to stop heat escaping via the head and neck. Here are some top tips when choosing your children’s clothes this winter. Try Layering One winter wear trick you see hikers often take full advantage of is the power of layers. Rather than wearing one or two very thick items, wear multiple thin layers...

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Tips For Throwing a Halloween Party For Kids

Halloween is only around the corner, and with a little planning, you can arrange a serious spooky soiree! It’s time to get pumpkin carving, decorating, and practice your spooky face painting skills on your little goblins! A spooktacular kid-friendly Halloween party can be a lot of fun, so we have a look at some tips and tricks for party games, decorations, and spooky snacks to get you in the Halloween spirit in no time!   Age-appropriate It is a good idea to factor in the age of the party-goers to make sure your spooky shindig doesn’t scare the little ones or bore older kids. Considering the age range for your guests will help you determine the right decor for the...

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