With spring just around the corner, there will be plenty of reasons for everyone to make some changes in their wardrobe, either by putting away their heavier winter clothes and swapping for some lighter wear, or through buying some new outfits.

Those with young daughters may find now is a time for a new dress, as they will have outgrown last year’s outfits. The spring will certainly provide plenty of occasions for luxury girl dresses, from Easter to any birthday parties or weddings that may occur in the season, but May Day could be particularly special.

Many places around the UK still have traditional May Day celebrations, with May poles, processions and even the crowning of a May Queen. All these things were banned at times in the past because of their pagan roots, but when the monarchy was restored in 1660 after England’s brief dalliance with Republicanism, Charles II allowed these celebrations to return too.

Should your daughter be crowned the May Queen, there is no doubt she will need a particularly attractive dress for the occasion, as she will be the focus of attention from the whole community. It will be a proud moment and one no doubt captured on camera a lot.

May Day traditions will vary around the country. Some treat it as a workers’ rights celebration, while it is generally smaller communities that have more historically-rooted celebrations. Among them are Morris Dancing in Oxford and chaotic Hobby Horse charges in Dunster, Minehead and Padstow in the south west of England.

Even though May Day traditions date back centuries, it has actually only been a public holiday in the whole of the UK since 1978. But if you daughter is being crowned this year, she won’t worry about that or charging horses; all that will matter is a fine dress to go with her glittering crown.