As an exceptionally searing summery begins to settle as Autumn approaches, the fashion world for girls boutique clothing will often change in somewhat fundamental ways, and this Autumn season is a particularly strong example of this.

Whilst many summer fashions referenced the dramatic fashion world of Y2K, the Autumn/Winter season has taken a different approach, focusing on a more back-to-basics approach, albeit one that embraces a more dramatic silhouette.

Here are some Autumn fashion trends to watch out for now.


Floor-Grazing Maxi Skirts

One fashion trend that manages to achieve all three approaches at the same time (being back to basics, Y2K revivalist and featuring a dramatic silhouette) is the return of the long hemline skirt that grazes the floor.

Part of the reason for this is that a maxi skirt is a clothing item that can do it all; it can be reserved and professional, but it can also be full of character and easily paired with almost any other fashion style, from combat boots to a snug knitted coat.


Fluffy Knitwear

Many Winter fashions especially are as much about interesting textures as they are about unique colours and patterns, and this explains the revival of fluffy and fuzzy knitted fabrics that look incredibly warm and comfortable to wear and feel even better.

For particularly thick knitted clothing items, the key is to combine them with other contrasting looks, fits and touches, such as soft leather and taffeta.


Black Clothing Is Back

Over the past few years, one of the biggest trends in fashion has been bright, outlandish colours as a rebellion against the more demure pre-2020 fashion tastes that dominated.

Whilst vividness is still hugely popular, as the Y2K revival trend has so prominently proven, black clothing is hugely popular as well, particularly with these brighter shades used as a highlight.

Ultimately, as the little black dress’ enduring versatility has so often proven, simplicity and practicality are often the best choices and go with any other style you attempt.


Sparkles And Shimmers

Whilst a lot of fashions on the Autumn/Winter catwalks have reigned in the more vivid aspects of Y2K fashion, one element that few are willing to give up yet is shimmering sequins, sparkles, and bright, metallic patterns.

Whilst most commonly associated with eveningwear, sparkling clothes have also proven popular as a bright and shiny accoutrement to clothing worn every day in order to bring out the magic in the mundane.


Oversized Outerwear And Big Shoulders

Stepping back a couple of decades from Y2K fashion, one of the most unexpected fashion trends to make a comeback was the huge padded shoulders that epitomised the tailored suits and coats of the 1980s.

However, given that maxi skirts and wide trousers had also made a considerable comeback, the huge shoulder fashion that created such a distinct and dramatic silhouette naturally fit alongside it, and dramatic long coats with big shoulders have become a widely talked about trend of the season.

Alongside coats, the big shoulder trend also works with blazers and suit jackets.