With the festive season well and truly underway, it is time for wave after wave of Christmas parties, which are often a great reason to bring out a range of girls boutique clothing and try out a variety of different styles.

Because Christmas is a season of cosiness and togetherness, and because of this you often see Christmas parties with a level of variety not seen with festivities throughout the rest of the year.

As such, the best way to enjoy the season as a young fashionista is to experiment with a wealth of different styles, colours, textures and looks. With that in mind, here are a few places to start.


All Red Everything

When people think of Christmas colours, the first one that always comes to mind is red, and no, this is not because of Coca-Cola despite the common urban legend.

One of the most interesting aspects of red as a fashion choice is that the slightest change in shade or tone can have a dramatic difference on an overall look.

Compare the bright, vivid and unbelievably festive fire engine red to the rich and intense crimson or the vibrant cinnabar and vermillion shades.

It helps that after a few strange years for fashion, people are ready to go all out with primary colours again, especially when paired with black, winter white or even tan shoes and accessories.


Give It A Flourish

Over Christmas, the fine line between outfits and costumes gets even finer, and the best way to enjoy yourself is to lean straight into it and embrace the power of embellishment.

Adding crystal or pearls to an outfit can turn even casual clothes into a festive fashion style, whilst you can also buy tops and dresses with sequin patterns and embossing as well.

Pair these with costume jewellery for a beautiful, shimmering look.


The Little Black Dress

Suggesting an LBD can be considered cheating to a degree, given that a black dress goes with everything and suits every occasion, but the key to making it stand out at Christmas is in the details.

A statement necklace, a blazer or a bright cashmere scarf can make a big difference, and the right dress can be worn at many different parties simply by switching up what you wear it with.


Contrasting Pastels

Of course, the best way to stand out in any occasion is to take advantage of the element of surprise and attempt a style that nobody will see coming.

With Christmas being the home of primary colours paired with monochrome, try wearing a pastel shade instead such as a lilac or coral top with a black or grey skirt or skort to match.

In terms of accessories or to add a shade of shimmer to an outfit, it is best to rely on silver jewellery and accessories, as gold tends to pair better with primary colours.


Metallic Shades

Whilst it is important not to overdo it, a metallic dress paired with a natural texture such as a red cashmere shawl or sweater can help add a shine to your look amidst the bright lights of the festive season.