When planning your bridal party, there’s often multiple generations to consider. Maybe you have your own children or friend’s children that you want to include, or other young relatives. If the little ones are under eight years old, they will make lovely flower girls or page boys. But what about those girls aged between eight and fourteen?

In this age group, they may well feel too old to play the cute flower girl role. On the other hand, they may not be suited to the outfit and duties of the adult bridesmaids. Here are some tips to include that tweenager in your wedding plans!


Involve her in choosing the dress

At this age, she will certainly have some ideas of her own about what she wants to wear! There is no point asking her to walk down the aisle in a dress which makes her feel uncomfortable and doesn’t match her personality. Shop around for something that is age-appropriate, and still coordinates with the other wedding party outfits.

Of course, sometimes a junior bridesmaid will want to wear the same dress as the older girls, and this may work well. A good compromise might be to choose a dress with the same colour or pattern, but cut in a slightly different way to the adult dresses. Remember, she will probably be wearing flat shoes, so the length of the dress should reflect this.


Include them in the pre-wedding rituals

You may not want tweenagers along on your hen night, but there’s still plenty of ways to get them involved in the build-up, and help them to feel included and ready for the big day. For example, you could ask them to help assemble the wedding favours, or send out invitations. If you are having a rehearsal dinner, they can be included in this.


At the ceremony

The younger bridesmaid will walk down the aisle and stand at the altar. Any other duties may depend on what relation she is to you, her age and personality, and the kind of wedding you are having.


Give them some reception duties

A task or two at the reception can help to make a junior bridesmaid feel like a valued member of the party. At this age, they will enjoy the status and responsibility of having a role to perform. They may want to help guests find their seats, or locate the gift table.

Think about the young lady’s personality, and pick things that she will enjoy. Maybe she would like to encourage guests to use the photobooth, or get involved in the other wedding activities or entertainments.

Maybe they would be happier to help supervise the younger members of the party, who may be getting restless or tired by the reception stage. If there are several younger children attending, it’s probably best to plan some activities and breakout areas in advance.

In the end, you want your junior bridesmaid to have a fun time, and choose an outfit that she will feel special and comfortable wearing.


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