The summer sun is finally showing her face which means we can look forward to warm, bright days in the near future. While you may have your carefully curated summer wardrobe ready to go, making sure your children stay comfy while still looking great is an entirely different task.

It can be very difficult shopping for children’s clothes as they grow so quickly that last year's summer outfits may not fit them this year. However, that doesn’t mean you can't build them a fashionable summer wardrobe with a few key staple pieces.

Something important to consider is how you can build a wardrobe that is adaptable and wearable all year round, meaning you can still use these clothes as it gets cooler later in the year. Layering pieces are the perfect starting point for any outfit.

Breathable fabrics are going to be your best friend. Cotton or linen are perfect natural, breathable fabrics which are perfect for summer, however,  theycan still be layered over leggings, trousers and long-sleeve shirts in the winter to get maximum wearability.

This means that your child can be cool and comfortable in the summer while looking stylish and trendy, but you can use the items all year round with some easy base layers, making the perfect seasonal transition outfits.

Layering is also important in the summer as temperatures can fluctuate and change, meaning you may need to be more adaptable if you are planning on spending a long time out of the house.

It is also important to keep your child covered up where possible to protect them from the sun. Lots of light, loose layers are better than one heavy item of clothing as they can easily be removed or added when needed.

For a little girl dresses are quite literally the perfect option. They are cute, stylish and super comfortable and can easily be adapted to suit any temperature and they never go out of style.

A dress for the daytime can be quickly changed into a slightly warmer evening outfit with some leggings and a cardigan. A simple sundress can also be styled in multiple ways to create entirely new looks.

In the summer, accessories can mean everything, even for children! An adorable sunhat can make any outfit summery and fun and also works as a functional and effective way to keep your child safe from the sun’s rays.

Fun colours and prints work well to liven and brighten up your child's wardrobe and can make even the simplest outfit stand out. This helps your child to look as joyful and vibrant as they feel and can turn a boring outfit into a fun and exciting fashion statement.

Summer shoes can be tricky, especially for kids as they usually grow out of shoes faster than you can buy them. Opt for one solid, sturdy pair of sandals which will match multiple outfits to make life easier and ensure their feet are always comfortable and cool.