For children, a wedding can seem like endless fun - a day of partying in a pretty dress, hanging out with favourite relatives and kindly uncles giving them sweets and treats, and general mischief to get up to.

However, now that the restrictions for weddings are being lifted, the reality is that wedding ceremonies can be dull for children, long formal sections, after-dinner speeches, and sit down meals can be really boring.

If you’ve decided to invite children to your wedding, or a wedding you’re attending has invited children, then you should think about how you are going to manage them and keep them entertained.

We have a brief look at the best ways to involve children on the big day so that everyone has the best day ever!


Think Through the Flow of your Day

To start, you should consider the flow of the day, and how involved you want the children to be, and what kind of day you would like it to be for them. Think about their ages and expectations, and the opinions of their parents before making any firm decisions.

It's important to think it all through and plan the details carefully, so the day is stress-free and fun for everyone.


Dressing the Part for Children at Weddings

If the children at the wedding are part of the proceedings, whether that’s flower girls, junior bridesmaids, page boys, or ring bearers, make sure their outfits are comfortable and age-appropriate, as they will be much happier and look much better.

Little girls will be usually be delighted with pretty dresses, though don't assume! Some girls would be way more comfortable in shorts or pants. Little boys won’t be happy if they feel uncool in their outfit, and they can be picky about what they will and won’t wear.


Important Jobs for the Little Ones At Your Wedding

There are many ways to include children in the wedding, even if they are not part of the ceremony. Most children will love having a special job, and love being included, but ensure the job is age-appropriate.

Older children may be able to give readings or sing a song or bring gifts to the altar at a church ceremony, or symbols of the relationship in a civil ceremony. Handing out wedding programmes is typically the job of the groomsmen or ushers, but children love to be special helpers, especially for jobs such as handing out confetti after the ceremony!

Just keep in mind that children can sometimes get flustered and suffer stage fright, so have a plan B just in case the flower girl suddenly doesn’t want to scatter petals down the aisle! Even the most outgoing of children can get shy when put on the spot.

One tip is to ask groomsmen to seat families with children near the end of the rows of seating at the ceremony so a quick and quiet exit can be executed if need be!

If it is your wedding, and you have invited families with children, it could be an idea to hire a kids entertainer for a portion of the reception to keep them entertained, as well as giving parents a break from herding kids from out the way, and remember to include kid-friendly meals for the wedding breakfast, and maybe some activity books to keep them busy!

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