Now that spring is with us, the summer wedding season is starting to loom large. That means wherever and whenever nuptials are planned, there will be more than just the bride’s dress to take care of.

Among the other outfits to consider will be the flower girl dresses. It might be imagined these would have a standard appearance, but not according to the various fashion experts, who suggested in the early months of this year that 2023 would have some notable trends in flower girl dress styles.

For example, produced a list of no fewer than 15 styles it thought will rock it in 2023. 

That is not to say everything is about reinventing the wheel; indeed, it listed one design, a frilly and very pale pink number, as the best ‘traditional’ style. Others included a spaghetti strap dress as the best for spring, while a white embroidered lace dress with a floral pattern around the edges was tipped as the best option for a beach wedding. 

However, more colourful hues such as blue and even beige were on the list too, showing that it needn’t all be about white or something very close to it.

While all these and more offer interesting ideas, it may be worth asking what the trends are. Back in January, Prima reported that retailer Monsoon had already reported a 100 per cent increase in demand for flower girl dresses, indicating 2023 will turn out to be a busy year for nuptials. It also said that searches for white dresses had seen a 12 per cent jump, suggesting this is the top colour. 

The designs it tipped were mostly pale pink, white or ivory, occasionally with floral patterns, although there will be yellows, greens and blues for those who like some extra colour. This tallies with the list presented by and shows that while there will be some different styles, there is still room for innovation and variation.

All that matters because every wedding has its own colour themes, be they traditional whites or bright shades. Thankfully, in 2023 there will be a stylish flower girl dress for every occasion.