If you have children and you’re planning your wedding, you are probably aware that it is as important that they enjoy the day as much as you.

There are many aspects to consider beyond the usual wedding plans, as you need to ensure that there are things in place specifically for them, such as the right food for fussy kids, or making sure they are entertained during what can be a very long day for little people.

We have a look at some tips for mums and dads for when planning a wedding.



Not all, but most kids work well with routine, so keep this in mind when working out the timings on the big day.

You will need to consider the timing of lunch and dinner, as well as naps and bedtime. Naps may be especially important, as weddings can be exhausting for children, and you do not want over-tired toddlers throwing tantrums.


Good Grub

Kids are usually on their best form when they are well fed, so if the wedding food timings are a little later than usual for your children, it would be an idea to have a supply of snacks on hand. Talk to your caterers about child menus, and make sure there is plenty of juice and soft drinks - preferably sugar-free - for the kids.



It will be a good idea to have someone on hand to look after your children at your wedding, whether it is professional help, a regular babysitter, or assigning a relative to keep an eye anthem. This will ensure they are looked after, any incidents are dealt with, and things such as nappy changes and toilet visits are taken care of.

Then you can relax, mingle and enjoy the day. Not to mention you get the fun bits with your children too.


Entertainment, Fun & Games

Largely adult formal events such as weddings can be tiresome for children and their short attention spans, and it is a good idea to ensure there is entertainment, whether a children’s entertainer to keep them occupied, or you have a supply of games, puzzles, books, or toys.

For the reception and the evening party, the kids may enjoy party games in a different room from the rest of the adults so they can make noise and run around without disturbing guests. This could be a magician, a children’s entertainer, face painting, or even a bouncy castle if your venue has room.

You might need to keep the adults off a bouncy castle later in the evening, though…


Give Roles

Giving your children a role on the big day will give them a real sense of being included and let them feel important. Your child could be a ring bearer or be in charge of handing out party favours.

Other roles for children could include doing the readings or singing, holding your dress, scattering confetti, handing out orders of service or carrying a sign. You could be surprised at just how wonderfully they carry out their tasks.

Planning a wedding with kids is so fun, as long as you are prepared.


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