Late spring is always such a fascinating time of the year, as it is finally time to banish most of the winter clothes and prepare the bright handmade dresses for summer parties, special events and the big six-week holiday.

This particular summer is quite a special one, as well, as it is the first in a few years where special events have not been disrupted, which has caused many people to be in a mood for celebrating.

With that in mind, here are the biggest colour trends to watch out for this summer.



With Pantone’s Colour of the Year being a somewhat lighter shade of violet, purple has become the big colour to watch out for throughout the year, in no small part because the versatile colour seems to always fit the mood, whatever the weather may bring.

From the bright, intense likes of dahlia, to the deeper likes of indigo, purple is a colour that has been constantly popular since antiquity and this summer appears to be no different.



With brighter shades encompassing many popular fashion trends in 2022, green has become a very popular jumping-on point for people who often prefer to opt for more subdued shades, as there are very few ways you can wear green wrong.

Whilst pale, more natural shades have been popular since time immemorial, the biggest trend when it comes to green dresses is bright, bold colours, from effervescent limes to outright neon shades and everything in between.

Ultimately, so long as some shade of green is in the wardrobe this summer, you are on-trend.


Bubblegum Pink

It has taken a very long time, but the early 2000s trend of unapologetically bright pink shades have come back into style after years of more neutral shades.

Given the context of the season, this is far from surprising; with so many bright colours becoming popular, it seemed inevitable that one of the most ostentatious shades of all would make its long-awaited return.

Other pink shades are also popular, including the exceptionally bold likes of fuchsia.



A quintessential shade of summer, orange is another colour that has been popular for years with more subtle, lighter shades but will see a bold, bright resurgence this summer.

Whilst bright orange has naturally drawn the most attention, slightly pale and burnt orange shades have also proven to be a very popular look for parties.



Blue is often seen as a late-year shade due to its cool, calming feel, but in a year filled with the brightest possible tones taking centre stage, even the blue shades are bright and dramatic.

For some, this takes the form of Elsa-esque teal and glacial shades, but arguably the most popular blue shade of the season is Cobalt, a bright-yet-deep shade of blue that matches the celebratory mood this summer without being too bright.

Of course, other, brighter shades such as cyan and teal have also become popular as well for people who not only want that cool confidence that comes from blue but a bright summery shade as well.