Many children will have been disappointed to miss out on birthday party treats over the past year or so, and will be eager to make up for it this year! Here are some tips for hosting a happy kid’s party without any tears and tantrums (from all age groups!).


  1. Think about who to invite

This might depend on the age of your child. If they are under six years, it may be easier to invite their whole class or nursery group, as they probably haven’t established fixed friendship groups yet. Over this age, they will have their own circle of friends who they will be happy to see, so it is fine to just invite this group.


  1. Pick the right time

If your child’s birthday falls near a major holiday such as Easter, or is over the summer holidays when many families will be away, it may be best to postpone the celebration to a later date. Also make sure the time of day is appropriate to the children’s age. Under 5’s will be tired by late afternoon, so a start time of no later than 2pm is best.


  1. Choose a theme

Having a theme can help to create a buzz about the occasion, although they need a bit of advanced planning. Giving girls a chance to dress up in fairy princess outfits always goes down well! You could ask them to come as Disney characters, for example, or their favourite book or movie hero, or a famous historical figure.

Plan some games or activities related to the theme, and try and tie it in with the cake, décor, invitations, and so on if the budget allows! However, avoid overstimulating the kids; they will be happy with simple fun activities that are age-appropriate.


  1. Keep it short and sweet

Young children (and probably you!) will be tired after a couple of hours, so there is no need to drag the occasion out. Make sure you have a loose plan, so you can fit in games, food, cake-cutting, and so on without leaving your child short-changed.


  1. Pack some party bags

Avoid disappointing your young guests who will have come to expect the traditional parting gift! Party bags are a good way of sharing out the cake fairly, and ensuring that the little ones don’t go home overstuffed with sweet treats. Other great ideas to include are puzzles, toys, sweets, bubbles, and balloons.


  1. Prepare a mix of food

If you are serving lunch or an early evening meal, it is best to stick to simple finger food, as most kids have unadventurous tastes.  Pizzas usually go down well, or even just some sausage rolls and sandwiches with healthy filling contents, such as tuna or chicken with tomatoes and lettuce.

Think of way to tempt them to eat some healthy snacks, such as vegetables cut into fun shapes with tasty dips. Mini fruit kebabs of strawberries, bananas, kiwi fruit, and so on are usually popular. Of course, there will always be room for chocolate rolls, crisps, and cupcakes!


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