Christmas is above all the season for spending time with our family and friends. That chance has never seemed more important than this year, after the compromises and difficulties of 2020, which led to many of us missing out on this precious time. If you are planning a social occasion over the festive season this year, here are some tips to keep the kids entertained.


Plan some kid-friendly foods

Even if you intend to impress your adult guests with a sophisticated array of hors d'oeuvres, nine out of ten kids will prefer some simpler offerings! Typical party fare, such as sausage rolls, crisps, and pizza slices will always go down well. Try to go easy on the sugary treats, as no doubt there will be plenty of other chances for a sugar-high during the holidays!


Organise some fun party games

It’s easy enough to adapt some traditional party games to a Christmas theme. For example, ‘Pin the red nose on Rudolph’, with a drawing of a reindeer, can take the place of the traditional donkey’s tail version. Double points for anyone who knows all the correct lyrics to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, which can’t fail to put anyone in the festive mood!

The Memory Game, where a tray with ten small items is shown to the kids for a minute, before they have to write down everything they can remember, can be done with baubles, sweets, Santa figures, tree decorations, and so forth.

Another great variation of a party pastime is the Stocking Guessing Game, where a stocking filled with objects is passed around, tied up with a ribbon. Whoever can guess the most correct objects is the winner.


Include kid’s choices in the party soundtrack

Children will be all dressed up in their best party gear, and no doubt girls will be bursting to show off those pretty princess dresses on the dancefloor! Who can’t resist an admiring audience at that age? There are so many fun songs to choose from, such as Frosty the Snowman, Wonderful Christmas Time, and Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.


Have a chill out zone if it is a longer party

Younger children may get tired after an hour or two. If their parents are planning to stay for several hours or overnight, then make sure the kids have a quiet room or corner they can retreat to, especially if the adults are getting a little loud and merry as the party goes on! Scatter bean bags, blankets, and cushions so little ones can have a nap if they need to.

Leave some colouring books and toys they can play quietly with, or even set up a craft table so they can make Christmas decorations, such as paper snowflakes. If there is a large group of children at the party, you could set up a children’s Christmas film for them to watch while the adults get on with some catch-up time.


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