Halloween is only around the corner, and with a little planning, you can arrange a serious spooky soiree! It’s time to get pumpkin carving, decorating, and practice your spooky face painting skills on your little goblins!

A spooktacular kid-friendly Halloween party can be a lot of fun, so we have a look at some tips and tricks for party games, decorations, and spooky snacks to get you in the Halloween spirit in no time!



It is a good idea to factor in the age of the party-goers to make sure your spooky shindig doesn’t scare the little ones or bore older kids. Considering the age range for your guests will help you determine the right decor for the party. Even just using an orange, green, and purple colour scheme will help with the Halloween theme.


Decide on Duration

Determine how long your bash should last well before the day of the party. For younger kids, an hour or two will be plenty. Older kids might be able to persuade you to stretch it into a sleepover. Either way, make sure the invitation states the time parents can pick up their kids.


Pick a Theme

You might think Halloween is enough of a theme, but you can take it further. Along with spiderwebs and black and orange decor—the standard, fun ways to turn your home into a haunted house—try focusing on a second theme. 

Kids will enjoy a spooky magical forest or a not-so-scary monster-themed disco. For a younger crowd, a circus theme is a fun idea, and a good way to let younger siblings in on the fun by having them be the animals! Ask guests to come in costume and then hold a costume contest. Adult helpers should also get into character.



It is easy to make your own decorations for a Halloween party. Set aside an afternoon with the kids to craft a few goodies. There are plenty of DIY Halloween decoration ideas and instructions online if you’re struggling for ideas and inspiration. Failing that, there will be plenty of ready-made decorations in the shops.


Mysterious Music

Spotify and Youtube will have a wide range of Halloween-themed playlists if you don’t already own a CD of spooky songs. Or you can make your own playlist, and we recommend Monster Mash and the theme from Ghostbusters to get you started!


Make monstrous munchies

Halloween is synonymous with sweets and sugary snacks, but do make sure that there are some healthy offerings with your Halloween party food. Parents will not be pleased if you send them home on a sugar high!


Play some games

Kids are always able to entertain themselves, but it’s a good idea to plan some Halloween party games for the kids. Whether it’s a crafting competition, a Halloween dance-off (which will help burn off some of that sugar high!), or charades, it will ensure the kids are entertained and happy!

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