Getting ready to attend a wedding can be really exciting, especially for children who get to think about what luxury girl dresses they can wear on the Big Day. However, parents bringing their little ones to the event might want to read these tips to ensure everyone has a great time.


  • Have an active morning

Weddings typically start after lunchtime and involve a lot of sitting around, something many kids find challenging and boring. So, it is a good idea to get them to do something active in the morning, so they can use up their excess energy. Take them to a park or put on some songs to dance to, so they are happy to sit through a ceremony without causing a fuss.


  • Plan timings of the day

Babies and toddlers typically have stricter routines than older children, so it is a good idea to find out timings of the day so you can adjust your schedule to fit in with the event.

For instance, you might want to put them down for a nap earlier to make sure they get some sleep before the ceremony, or if you find out dinner will be later than they normally eat, it is a good idea to bring some snacks along when they get peckish.


  • Ask for the kids’ menu beforehand

To avoid your child kicking off in front of guests because they don’t like their meal, it is wise to find out what is on the kids’ menu beforehand. If it is something you know your child won’t like, you can bring your own food. This will also help when they get grouchy and hungry when they have to sit still before the meal is served, such as during the speeches.


  • Stay near an exit

It is a good idea to ask the bride and groom if you could be put on a table near the exit, and sit near the door during the ceremony too. This way if your little one does explode into a tantrum, you can whisk them outside without the rest of the congregation noticing.


  • Manage expectations

The wedding is likely to have been the talk of conversations for months, if not years, with the rest of the family obviously excited about the special occasion. However, children do not really understand what will happen during the day, particularly if they have not been to one before.

That is why Wedding Ideas Mag suggests managing both their, and your, expectations, saying: “If they are of an age where they can understand, it wouldn’t hurt to educate them about what to expect… If nothing else, let them know when they will need to be quiet!”


  • Bring entertainment

Babies and toddlers will struggle to sit still during a service, so make sure you have some age-appropriate toys they can play with that won’t make any noise. Even older kids might want something to entertain them when they have to sit through adult conversations at mealtime or during the speeches, so make a little package of activities for them. Wrapping up individual items will make it even more exciting, and take longer for them to get through!