With the festive season just around the corner, one common annual tradition for families is taking a group photograph. These photoshoots are not only a lot of fun and create unforgettable memories in their own right, but they also provide a way to preserve happy childhood memories.

Whether you set up a tripod and a timer yourself or opt instead for a professional photographer, here are some top tips for choosing the right handmade girls dresses and smart clothes for a beautiful photoshoot.


Have A Matching Colour

Matching colours create a sense of unity and togetherness in the picture, and a feeling even to people who do not know the family that everyone in the family belongs together.

This does not necessarily mean that everyone needs to wear the same clothes, but instead, each member wears an item of the same colour. For example, if blue is the theme, the dad can wear a blue jumper, the daughter can wear a blue dress, the mum can wear a blue scarf or cardigan and so on.

With that said, try to avoid wearing only one colour, as this can distract people towards the outfits of the participants rather than their faces.


Avoid Synthetic Materials

In photographs, particularly ones that are professionally shot, try to avoid synthetic fabrics such as nylon, polyester and certain types of satin, as the way they often catch the light in professional studios and from flashbulbs can make them look surprisingly cheap.

Instead, opt for comfortable, natural fibres and materials that are comfortable to move around in.


Be Bright, Be Bold

Generally, when it comes to photography, it is best to stick to simple patterns and bold colours, as smaller patterns such as pinstripes and tiny dots can distract the eye.

If you do not want to necessarily commit to a bold outfit, be brave enough to add a bright accessory, such as a belt, bangle, umbrella, handbag or tie to provide a fascinating accent to a more conventional, neutral look.

The importance is creating a sense of unity between all of the different family members, whilst allowing their individual personalities and styles to come out, so experiment with a few ways to ensure you both mix and match.


Avoid Prints

Some people buy printed t-shirts with a joke or a reference intended specifically for the shoot, but often it is not worth bothering.

A print or a complex pattern distracts the eye, as people will instead focus on what the shirt says rather than the joy and togetherness of the photos.

If you must take a picture with the print, wear it for a couple of pictures before taking the rest of the album in clothing that is less conspicuous.


Highlight The Children

In many family shots like this, the children are front and centre. Often this is very literal, with small babies at the front, held or surrounded by smaller children before reaching the teenagers and adults.

Make sure to use either a matching colour or a matching pattern to ensure the children are easy to pick out whilst the parents wear less busy clothes.