You do not really need an excuse to dress up in girls' boutique clothing and feel fabulous, but one of the most common reasons for buying nice dresses is an award ceremony or prize giving.

If your daughter has done well enough at a club or at school that she has been asked to step out on stage and collect an award, she can be forgiven if she wants to look her absolute best, even if it means trying something new.

This desire does not really go away, as the legions of truly iconic celebrity red-carpet fashions have proven.

During awards season, designers are often given the most unique design briefs and will showcase some of their most unique, groundbreaking and unusual work yet.


Orders Of Deni-magnitude

In what may perhaps be the most “2001” sentence ever written, Britney Spears and then-boyfriend Justin Timberlake attended the American Music Awards wearing a greater concentration of denim than has ever been seen before.

Whilst Britney’s surprisingly elegant jean gown tends to get most of the credit, an honourable mention must go to Justin’s denim hat to go with the entire look.


The Meat Dress

No discussion of catwalk fashion is complete without an exploration of Franc Fernandez’ infamous Meat Dress worn by Lady Gaga at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

Interpretations have varied on exactly what it meant, but Lady Gaga herself said it was about standing up for our rights as human beings otherwise we will be left with just the meat on our bones.


The LED Light Dress

Whilst this was technically not an awards ceremony, a look at unique fashions would be incomplete without Katy Perry’s LED contribution at the 2010 Met Gala.

The design, created by CuteCircuit, was the first dress they had ever designed with the wearable technology and turned the California Gurls singer into a one-woman light show long before RGB fashion had caught on.