The role of a flower girl at a wedding is one that spans different eras and cultures. Historically, they carried a sheaf of wheat or flower sprigs to bless the new couple with fertility. These days, the symbolism of the role may not be the top priority, but it is still a great way to include a young relative or friend’s daughter in a wedding.

The young lady in question will no doubt relish the opportunity to get all dressed up in a gorgeous frock for the occasion. The typical age for a flower girl is between three and ten years, when they are still just a bit too young to graduate to bridesmaid duties. However, these are just guidelines; your flower girl can of course be whoever you choose!

In fact, some couples choose to have more than one flower girl. These days, anything goes. For most little girls, dressing up in a fairy tale princess outfit and sprinkling flower petals along the aisle is a task they are only too happy to accept! Being given a specific job to do will make them feel special and included, and will also make for adorable photographs.

It is traditional for the flower girl to walk down the aisle with a page boy or ring bearer, after the maid of honour, but before the bride. There are really no rules however; church weddings in particular can be intimidating occasions even for adults, and if she is very young, she may be happier to hold the hand of an older bridesmaid.


What Should A Flower Girl Wear?

This is entirely up to the wedding organiser of course, but it tends to depend on the age of the young lady. If she is under seven years old, then generally a pretty or fun sparkly dress is the best option. If she is slightly older, the dress is sometimes chosen to complement, although not match, the bridesmaids’ outfits.

She will carry a basket that is filled with petals, and sprinkle them down the aisle as she walks along. If the wedding hosts do not want the aisle strewn with petals for practical or aesthetic reasons, she could simply carry a posey of flowers, or go full fairy princess with a glittery wand.

Make sure that the dress not only looks cute, but also fits comfortably, as it will be a long day for a little one. Try and include them in the choosing process, unless there is a very specific theme or colour scheme to be adhered to. The happier they are in their outfit, the easier the whole experience will be for everyone.

If there is also a page boy or ring bearer, then coordinating clothing and colours will look super cute and stylish. Consider the season too; lighter brighter clothes are best for the summer months, and if it is a winter wedding, the little one may need a shawl or bolero jacket to keep warm.


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