It might be getting chillier by the day, but this is the start of the party season, so it’s time to get yours and your children’s best outfits ready, whatever the weather. 

The first event to prepare for is Bonfire Night, with parties happening all over the UK to celebrate November 5th

While you will want to dress your daughter in boutique girls’ clothing, there are some things to make sure you think about first. 

Most of the activities will take place outside, from playing with sparklers to watching the firework displays. Therefore, it is essential that you wrap your children up warm. 

As well as beautiful frock, consider what coat to get so your daughter can stay outside without getting cold. In addition to a smart coat, stock up on pretty gloves, scarves, and hats so she can withstand the chill for longer. 

It is also important to remember there will be lots of fire hazards at a Guy Fawkes Party, so do not put your children in anything that can set alight easily.

Lots of kids wear nylon costumes at this time of the year, thanks to Halloween being just a few days before Bonfire Night. However, this material is very flammable and unsafe for a child to wear if they are handling sparklers or standing close to a bonfire. 

Instead dress them in cotton, wool, or silk, as these are more flame-resistant. Make sure they wear woollen gloves when holding sparklers and some brightly-coloured clothes so it is easier to spot them in the dark.