The best thing about summer parties in 2022 will be that we can have them. In 2020 there were still far too many restrictions, limiting gatherings and keeping everyone distanced - even if some folk at Downing Street appeared not to have noticed.

Even last summer, there were still some restrictions for much of the time and a lot of caution about, especially as many were still going through the process of getting their jabs. Inevitably, any gatherings that could take place would leave out some people who were still shielding or simply feeling the need to be extra cautious.

Now, with most people jabbed, the dominant Covid strain proving far milder and lots more physical resistance in place, a world without restrictions has resumed. If things are not quite back to 2019, we can at least enjoy more gatherings.

All that means many will be particularly keen to take advantage of the opportunities to enjoy summer parties this year and that means dressing for the occasion.  If ever there was a summer for designer children’s dresses, this is it.

Weddings will be a key case in point. Clearly if you have a daughter who is a bridesmaid or flower girl, these occasions will require specific dresses, topics we have covered in other blogs. But, now that weddings without restrictions are on the cards again, the guest lists will be longer and inevitably many of the kids present will not be cast in these roles.

With designer dresses, youngsters who are far from the heart of the action will certainly not feel second best when it comes to their outfits. They may not be in the centre of the photographs of the day, but they will still stand out visually.

There are certainly plenty of ideas out there about what may be the best look, which is a good because each wedding is likely to have its own themes and décor. One very practical point to be in mind, however, is that these are going to be outfits worn all day, so they need to be comfortable and practical as well as looking good.

It will also help if any spillages can be quickly removed with a bit of soap and water, to prevent the embarrassment of hours of having a hitherto fabulous appearance blighted by a stain.

Weddings may not be the only formal occasions this summer at which stylish outfits can be worn. There may be birthdays and anniversaries too, an occasion in any year, but one that will be celebrated with more gusto simply because a big gathering is now possible.

There may also be some themed parties to consider, again likely to be well attended after the restrictions of the last two years. That could mean themed outfits to go with them, but it’s always worth thinking carefully about what to go for; a one-off occasion should not really mean a one-off costume, unless it’s strictly fancy dress.

Instead, the ideal is to get something smart that looks good on any occasion. After all, this can always be supplemented by headwear, masks or other adornments to fit to a theme. But a stylish outfit will be just the thing for any event in summer 2022.