While avid royal watchers may have enjoyed the Jubilee and occasionally winced at everything happening with Meghan and Harry, there is no doubt that in recent months there has been growing attention on the youngest members of the family.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have all been seen aplenty in public, whether at the various Jubilee events, but while George has been famous for some of his antics and expressions, the Daily Express has been quick to point out that Princess Charlotte has emerged as the most stylish Royal child.

This isn’t something the paper has made up, but the verdict derived from Google searches for terms like ‘clothes’, ‘fashion’ and ‘style’ in connection with the names of the young Royals. Based on the last 12 months of data and engagement metrics, Charlotte came out top of the trio.

How this works out at 9.40 out of ten may be a mystery known only to those familiar with the esoteric nature of search engine algorithms. But there is no doubt that when it comes to dresses for little girls, Charlotte has provided lots of ideas.

Of course, some may think the Royals have giant wardrobes full of the fanciest designer outfits and its certainly true that fashion lovers will always take notice of what they are wearing, especially the female members. But they can also spring surprises with some modest touches, not least the £39 dress Charlotte was seen wearing during the Commonwealth Games.

The navy and white striped dress proved so popular that the outfit sold out across the country within 24 hours of Charlotte’s appearance in it at the Sandwell Aquatics Centre.

All this shows that when it comes to dressing like a princess and putting on the style, it doesn’t cost a right royal fortune to do so.