Autumn may bring some of the best opportunities to dress up as October 31st invites spooky fancy dress and the colder weather is an obvious reason to buy some warmer outfits. But Christmas brings a whole new dimension to clothes buying.

While some of that may be tied up in the presents you get for everyday wear, it also applies to the special outfits they may be putting on for the various occasions tied in with the festive season.

These might not include a school Nativity play, which will be a matter of dressing up in costume, but there will be many occasions over the festive period when children’s party dresses will be the order of the day.

Schools may run their own Christmas parties out of hours, but it is also possible your friends may have their own family-friendly event. Apart from being an escape for sensible adults from the excesses some festivities amount to, these will also give the kids a great chance to enjoy themselves.

To that may also be added Christmas Day itself and New Year parties, when they might even get the extra special treat of being allowed to stay up to midnight. 

Christmas parties for kids can be a big highlight of an exciting time of the year. If you are planning one, there are several things to take into account to make it a success.

Firstly, you need to find a good time that works for lots of people. You also need to work out who is being invited and have a venue that will be large enough if everyone turns up. The entertainment and food also has to be arranged and you might want to have a Father Christmas show up. 

The really fun part will be choosing what activities to do. This could include crafts or making cakes and confectionary. It could involve decorating the tree, singing Christmas carols or even raising money for charity. You might even want to give it an international theme by introducing some Christmas traditions from around the world. 

Whatever the actual style or purpose of the party, there is no doubt young ladies present will enjoy themselves far more if they have a wonderful new party dress to show off, which will make the occasion more special than ever.

The same might apply in the new year, should you decide to have a party for children that does not involve staying up late enough to hear the bongs of Big Ben. 

It should never be forgotten, however, that people have birthdays in December too. All too often those born near or even at Christmas have their own special day overlooked. That means it is extra important to have special celebrations if their birthday happens in this part of the year. 

Even if your daughter is not one of these people, there will probably be someone she knows who is, which means that will be another reason to make sure she has a great new party outfit for the occasion.