You might have planned all the girls’ boutique dresses your little princess will wear once she is born, but one of the most important decisions you need to make before a new baby’s arrival is not just what their hospital outfit will be, but what you will name them.

There is a lot of pressure when choosing baby names, as this is a decision that will impact your child for the rest of their lives, so it is important to get it right.

If you’re looking for inspiration about what to call your little girl when she makes her way into the world, you might join the many expectant mothers who have been influenced by the England Ladies Euro win last year.

The football team managed to take home the winning trophy from the international tournament and, as a result, some of its players’ names have seen a rise in popularity ever since. For instance, Jude, after player Jude Bellingham, Beth, Ella, and Alessia are all expected to become one of the biggest girls’ names in 2023.’s Lars B Anderson said it is common for names to be influenced by pop culture, adding: “Sporting personalities make excellent role models, so it’s no surprise that parents continue to be inspired by their generation’s biggest heroes when it comes to naming their children.”

This doesn’t mean parents are going to dress their newborns in football shorts and shirts as soon as they arrive instead of cute babygrows and pretty dresses though.

Old-fashioned names, such as Aurelia, Effie, Elsie, Betty, Goldie, Vivienne, Birdie, Clara, Dorothy, Ida, Olive and Hazel are also likely to make a comeback this year, according to baby naming consultant Michelle.