Choosing what to call your baby is one of the hardest decisions, especially given the huge choice available these days. However, how many of you would be tempted by some of the rarest names out there that are at risk of becoming extinct?

ONS data showed some names are becoming extremely rare, including Fifi, Marvel, Saffi and Elke for girls and Drake, Esteban, Wiley and Vincentas for boys, The Mirror revealed.

Play Like Mum searched through the data to find the top rarest names, with just a handful of babies being given them in the year 2020.

While some of the names might sound quite alternative, there are a few that might surprise readers. For instance, Beverley and Cheryl were included on the list of 50 rarest names for girls.

However, these monikers could come back into fashion very soon, as baby name enthusiast Morgan Kline has predicted names from the 1920s are set to make a return.

These include Dorothea, Birdie, Lovie, Lou and Blossom for girls, and Arthur, Forrest, Eldon, Percy, Leon and Evertt for boys.

Parents-to-be looking for more usual names might be inclined to name their girl Olivia and their boy Liam, as these were the most popular ones in 2021, according to Baby Center.

Emma, Amelia, Ava and Sophia also made the top five girls’ names, while Noah, Oliver, Elijah, Lucas and Levi were the most popular for boys.

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