Christmas may be an annual event that adults have got used to without quite the same feverish excitement experienced by children, but there are some for whom a particular festive season will be very special.

King Charles, for instance, will have a new experience after waiting 74 years to deliver his first Christmas message, but for others it will be the fact they haven’t seen Christmas before that will make the occasion stand out.

Baby’s first Christmas is always an exciting occasion, although the memories will be retained by the proud parents and family. Nonetheless, the sight of a beaming tot will be a highlight of the day and this will be even more so if the pictures taken to retain those memories are very photogenic.

Part of that can be achieved by dressing them in an outfit that will stand out, and for a baby girl a red dress could be just the thing

Red is more a Christmas colour than any other. True, Bing Crosby did sing about a White Christmas, but more often than not it won’t snow. Yet everywhere you look will be red: In twinkling lights and tinsel, in wrapping paper, candles and ribbons. Most of all, it will be in some of the greatest Christmas icons: red berries with the holly, Robins and, of course Father Christmas.

There is a bit of an urban myth that the idea of Father Christmas wearing red is down to 20th century marketers working for Coca-Cola. In fact, the common depiction of him in red is older, dating back to Victorian times, with this likely to be because the historical figure on which he is based, the 4th century bishop of Smyrna Saint Nicholas, who would have worn red robes.

For all that, red is simply a stand-out colour, one that brightens up any day and makes the wearer the centre of attention. Add this to the association of the colour with the festive seasons and there is no doubt what the best choice is for a baby girl’s first Christmas.