Summer is in full force and the gorgeous weather has left most of us wishing we were enjoying a lazy beach day in a holiday destination. The current sunshine is perfect for all the upcoming summer weddings but also means that dressing up may be a little more difficult.

When attending weddings, it can be a struggle to keep your children looking stylish and presentable as well as making sure they are comfortable, and hot weather can make this even more tricky.

However, there are so many options for luxury children's dresses and smart boys' wear which are summer appropriate and can help to ensure your children are as comfortable as they are cute during this year's wedding season.

The main consideration when dressing for a wedding is the dress code given on the invitation. Children are expected to adhere to this as well so take note of any specifications such as formality, colour and style when choosing your child's outfit.

If the event is a casual affair, you can usually get away with a smart casual outfit or pretty summer dress which are perfect for the heat, however, a more formal event means you may have to shop around to find something weather appropriate that still meets the dress code.

Opting for light fabrics and colours is a good way to ensure your children stay cool while still looking fabulous. Choosing a cotton dress or skirt or some smart shorts or linen trousers are great choices that look formal enough without being too restrictive and warm.

Sun protection is also important. You may feel that letting your children be free and uncovered is the best way to keep them cool, but exposure to the sun can make them overheat and cause sunburn. Hats, light cover-ups or cardigans and sun cream are essential in the heat and sunshine.

If you are worried about your children overheating, you can always try and stay under shade as much as possible. If the venue is outdoors, consider asking ahead of time to be seated under shade or bring along a lightweight coverup which you can use to protect your child from the sun.

Footwear is also important. Opting for sandals or canvas shoes is a good way to make sure your children can still play and do as children do without getting sore feet. 

If formal wear is required, you may wish to pack a spare pair of shoes to change into after pictures have been taken.

You may also wish to pack a spare change of clothes. If your child is in the wedding party they may be required to wear a formal outfit for the ceremony and for pictures, however you may be able to change them into something more lightweight and comfortable afterwards.

Always ensure you check with the bride and groom before doing so to avoid any miscommunications or upset on their big day and to make sure they will not mind.