Children's fashion is constantly changing which can make styling your children difficult, however knowing what is in right now can make it much easier.

Building a basic wardrobe is a great starting point as you can build on it with items that fit current trends without having to revamp their entire collection every time something new comes on the scene.

It is important that your children feel both stylish and comfortable in their clothes as it can help them to build a sense of individuality and also boost their confidence in the same way we feel comfortable and confident in the clothes we choose to wear.

Colour plays a huge part in childrenswear. While styles of clothing may stay the same, colour comes and goes out of fashion therefore knowing what the hottest colour trends of the season are can help you to ensure your child is the most fashionable of them all.

One colour palette that is always a huge hit in childrenswear is pastels. Light and bright rainbow shades are always popular in children's clothing and you can be sure that your child will look and feel cute and comfortable in these shades.

Mint green, powder blue and baby pink are fantastic choices for any age group and are extremely versatile. They can suit casual events as well as special occasions making them the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

Another colour palette you can't go wrong with is neutrals. Browns, earthy greens, whites and greys are key staples in your child’s wardrobe and are incredibly on-trend at the moment as well.

While it is important that you allow your child access to bright and colourful tones, having a range of neutral outfits is essential as they are perfect for almost any occasion.

Not only are they versatile, but they are timeless and also genderless which allows you to create a range of different looks by mixing and matching them with other items of clothing.

Greens are also very on-trend at the moment. Green has been a key colour in all aspects of life, from menswear and womenswear to formalwear and even outside of clothing such as in interior and graphic design.

This is due to the versatility and timelessness of green and the wide range of shades available. Green is a very natural, agreeable colour for everyone.

Another popular colour in childrenswear right now is yellow. This is a fantastic colour as it is gender-neutral and also invokes feelings of happiness and positivity.

This allows your children to look as bright and happy as they feel and creates a cheerful, bright outfit no matter the occasion.

Choosing bright and bold colours is great when dressing your child as not only do they look great, but they are also very visible and stand out from the crowd which can improve safety when venturing into busy spaces.

Having a varied and adaptable wardrobe with items in lots of colours is a great way to ensure your child can always dress to impress, no matter the current trends.