Children’s parties can happen at any time of year, with birthdays, Easter, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and other events spread across the calendar. However, there can be no doubt that the summer offers one of the best times to have one.

That is because - weather permitting - the youngsters can get outside and enjoy games and activities not possible at some other times. Whether it is outdoor games, a bouncy castle or fun with a sandpit, it can make a great day.

Naturally, parents with daughters will find this the perfect time to dress them in little girls’ party dresses. Not only will these be fun to wear and make them feel extra special on a fun occasion, but they might end up being the one aspect of the party that goes well.

Party calamities are an occupational hazard of any gathering, but there have been some bizarre ones arising from all sorts of causes. The Huffington Post recently published a list drawn from its readers' Facebook page of the bizarre, baffling and infuriating things done by adults at kids’ parties.

Among them was the case of a party that asked for gifts and also receipts for the gifts, which the parents of the celebrating child would use to offset the costs as business expenses, someone re-lighting a birthday cake candle that had been blown out just so her child could have a go at blowing it out and a party host giving toddlers socks instead of gift bags.

Perhaps the worst case was that of the mum whose son was celebrating his fourth birthday. She was pregnant and had an ultrasound picture on her fridge. A visiting mother, who was a doctor’s assistant, let the cat out of the bag by declaring it was a girl, something they had not wanted to know.

Of course, there are worse cases - such as the viral video of a hired T-Rex that terrified the kids while the parents laughed, but at least if your daughter is dressed wonderfully well, that is one part of the party that cannot go wrong.