Parents who are relieved of the slight drop in temperature shouldn’t get used to it, as we’re in for another heatwave soon, and this one will be even hotter. 

Weather experts anticipate the mercury could even hit 40C during a scorching two weeks in July.

While this means lots of ice-cream and paddling pool fun for the kids, it also makes it difficult for mums and dads to know what to dress them in so they stay cool. 

The best thing to choose, according to Save The Children, is lightweight, breathable clothing like cotton. This will allow air to travel through the fabric, so they don’t overheat. 

Light outfits could include sleeveless dresses for girls and cotton shorts and thin tops for boys. 

It is also important to wear light-coloured clothing, as dark shades soak up the heat, making them feel warmer and more uncomfortable. 

If their clothes are not loose-fitting, you could put them in outfits that are a couple of sizes too big on those stifling hot days. 

This is a good idea if they need to wear a boutique girl’s dress for a special occasion, and you are worried they will be too hot. Clothes that are fitted or too tight will make them sweat more, so get a bigger size.

As well as dressing them in comfortable cool clothes, don't forget to cool them down with plenty of water. If it is hard to get water into them, try juice, lollies, and watery fruits instead. 

It is sensible to stay indoors during the hottest hours of the day, keeping your house cool by closing the curtains and opening windows.