As we all know, any successful birthday relies in large part on the entertainment provided… and the great news for anyone currently in the throes of planning their little one’s party is that there’s a huge amount of choice available these days where birthday party entertainment ideas are concerned!

Of course, it’s a good idea to make sure you pick something that the birthday girl or boy will enjoy - and this is a good opportunity to get them involved in what’s going on to really ramp up all the excitement.

If you’re wondering which direction to go in right now, here are just a couple of ideas for entertainment that could prove to be just the inspiration you’ve been looking for all this time. Which of these do you think your kids would love the most?

Karaoke parties

A singing party is always a lot of fun and everyone will be clamouring to have a go on the karaoke machine. There are portable machines you can get if you’re having a party at home, but what about seeing if there’s a karaoke bar in your local area that hosts kids’ parties, as well.


Having a photographer on hand is a must to capture the day in all its glory, of course, but what about giving each guest something a bit different to take home with them in their party bag. Hiring a caricaturist could be a great idea and the kids are sure to love seeing themselves being brought to life in drawing form.

Circus performers

The circus is always highly entertaining for people big and small alike, so what about booking in a few performers for the party you’re planning. Acrobats are sure to impress - and the kids will be talking about it for weeks to come!


Creating a sense of atmosphere is key to the success of your birthday party and a musical backdrop can work wonders in this regard. Make sure you ask your kids what their favourite tracks are so you can make sure they’re on the playlist and will get everyone up and dancing about.

Ballet dancer

Got any avid ballet fans in the family? Really give them a treat on their birthday by hiring a professional ballet dancer to come and give everyone some lessons. A ballet-themed party is always likely to be a winner and you’re sure to have a great time putting it all together.

Fortune teller

Having your palms read could be a really fun and interesting party entertainment idea, as could using fortune cards and crystal balls. This actually works really well in a group setting, as kids really love hearing their friends’ readings - so there’s sure to be lots of laughter and giggles going on.

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