When it comes to weddings, everyone might have their eyes on what the bride is wearing, but this doesn’t mean it isn’t important to pick a special outfit for the flower girls too. 

As with all fashion, trends for flower girl dresses change all the time, so make sure you choose an outfit that doesn’t look outdated, fits in with the colour theme of the wedding, and most importantly, they would love to wear. 

You should also find a dress that will complement the bride’s gown, whether that means including lace detailing, a tulle skirt, or a silk bow that are also featured on the wedding dress. 

Brides.com also recommends buying a dress that is slightly too big if you are getting it several months in advance.

“This means finding a dress they can grow into, that has an appropriate length for their age, and that is made of fabric that’s soft and durable enough for them to be comfortable while still matching the overall style of your wedding.” it suggests. 

There’s nothing worse than a flower girl looking miserable in photos as they are not comfortable in their dress. So make sure the material is not itchy, it fits well, and they are not likely to trip over the length. 

For younger girls, it is a sensible idea to get a dress they can move around easily in, as they will need to be able to play, run around and go to the toilet with ease.

Of course, if your flower girl loves the idea of spinning a big tutu around, you know you need to get a dress with lots of tulle layers for her to enjoy! 

It can still be difficult finding the perfect flower girl dress for the Big Day, so make sure you have a thorough look around for girls boutique dresses to get one that is perfect.