Christenings might not get the same attention as weddings, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of work that goes into organising them and making sure the decorations, décor, food and outfits are styled to perfection. 

For a Christening party friends and family will remember, look at our tips below. 


Kids’ entertainment

Unlike weddings where there are typically more adults than children, the opposite is true for Christenings. With so many youngsters running around, it is wise to organise some entertainment for them, so they can have fun and their parents can catch up without disruption. 

The kind of entertainment you choose will depend on the ages of the children, whether you hire some soft play equipment or a bouncy castle, arrange for a Disney princess to sing or pay for a magician to visit. 


Easy, bite-sized food

Guests are likely to expect to be fed after the service, so make sure you get platters of bite-sized foods they can eat as they chat to others, or organise professional catering. A cold, pre-prepared buffet is a good idea, so it can be set out before the ceremony starts, ready for everyone to enjoy afterwards. 

Don’t forget to serve some child-friendly options too, such as cheese and ham sandwiches, so little ones can fill their stomachs without any trouble. 


Colourful decorations

This is a child’s party, so make sure you go bold and bright with the decorations. Balloons, bunting, streamers, pompoms, and banners will all create a celebratory ambiance, while a sweets table, doughnut board, photo montage and guest book are also fun additions. 

Whatever you do, don’t get so engrossed in party planning that you forget to order your children’s outfits. Take a look at our girls boutique party dresses for some inspiration.