For many of us, this year has been a blur, and before we had the chance to sit down Christmas is fast approaching.

This means that it is time to start arranging for Christmas parties, dinners and events to ensure our children can try on beautiful homemade dresses, have a fantastic time and gain unforgettable memories of the festive season.

Whilst planning Christmas parties can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task, by following simple steps and pieces of advice you can spend less time arranging and more time enjoying the time with your family.

  1. Plan A Date And Be Flexible

Work out what is going on around your ideal date and be flexible when you need to change it.

Daytime parties are an ideal choice but do need to be arranged around the school holiday period, so ensure that as many people that you want to invite as possible are available during what is often a hectic period.

The sooner you choose a date, the more likely you will lock in people and have a greater opportunity to choose venues, whether that is a function room or at home.

  1. Choose Your Theme

Christmas brings with it a surprising abundance of themes to base decorations, costume designs, treats and activities around.

Whilst there is always a place for a traditional Christmas party, filled with golds, reds and greens as well as a dancefloor filled with Christmas classics, there are other alternatives available if Cliff Richard is not necessarily to your taste. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Red And Gold Parties – A looser and yet more elegant theme, having red and gold as the primary colours for both décor and dresses can provide a delightfully indulgent party atmosphere.
  • Costume Contests – Ask your guests to dress up as their favourite character and offer a prize to the winning costume, as well as treats for all those who take part.
  • Winter Wonderland – Filled with silvers, whites, confetti, snow-themed treats and quite a few Elsa dresses, winter-themed parties look striking and sensational.

  1. Arrange A Potluck

Whilst it is always nice to have a selection of foods, drinks and snacks available at a party, if this is too much to arrange at short notice why not arrange a ‘potluck’ or ‘Jacob’s join’, where everyone brings a dish that is shared.

This allows for great variety without spending too much, although if you want to arrange catering for a larger party, there are a range of services that provide a delicious range of food.

  1. Do Not Forget The Games

Christmas parties are perhaps best epitomised by the fun and games everyone has. Christmas is a time for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves, and so it is time to bring out the festive standards.

Along with toys, board games and computer games, classic party games such as pass the parcel, musical chairs, festive treasure hunts, charades or Pictionary, bingo and festive trivia quizzes are a great way to get everyone involved.

Make sure your games are accessible and do not exclude anyone from having fun.